Meet key members in our RCM Team below

Gerald Robinson, CPC, CPC-I

Medical Coding & RCM Director

Gerald Robinson has provided services as a HIM Services Consultant including HIM medical record compliance and education, coding and auditing support, and other solutions such as webinars, ICD-10 education and implementation as well as revenue cycle management services.

He has 19 years of healthcare industry experience and a Bachelors of Business Administration and Healthcare Management. He has been responsible for fraud and abuse reviews and has worked with insurance companies, acute care hospitals, US Department of Defense, Physician practices of all specialties as a coder, auditor and manager. Gerald has a passion for quality, education/training, and reimbursement and is considered a person that can assist with both facility and Physician clinic needs.

Nicole Oliver

RCM Specialist

Nicole has 22 years of RCM operations experience. She comes from an extensive background in Skilled Nursing, Cardiology, Radiology, Laboratory, DME, Nuclear Medicine, and many more facets. She has a great skill set of organization, attention to detail and problem-solving.

Nicole manages the day to day operations with our customer’s accounts and all communications for charges, payments and accounts receivables. In addition, if credentialing is a necessity for our customers Nicole oversees this function as well. Her dedication to our business is exceptional with a customer first approach.

Kamal Raj J

RCM Specialist

Kamal Raj J has over 13 years of experience in ITES, RCM healthcare industry and holds Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Madurai Kamaraj University, He has received certification for ISO Quality management systems 9001:2015 and ‎ISO/IEC 27000:2018 and has functioned as Internal auditor for RCM based companies.

After his 9 years career in Provider side of RCM, he accepted a position to work with the 3rd largest payer side company, a combined mix of the payer and provider experience contributes to the good wealth of knowledge in Healthcare industry. Kamal has traveled and completed end-to-end transition compiled over 2 winters spent in Michigan, USA, contributing to build business and successfully outsource all functions of RCM before eventually becoming RCM Manager and specialist with Acusis.

As an RCM Manager, he enforces operational policies, procedures, and guidelines and maintains effective communication with clients, insurance carriers and other partners to resolve issues that impede cash flow and detract from the patient or client satisfaction. He also leads the Operations Department and direct efforts to ensure successful outcomes. Additionally, develop team goals and associates through coaching performance, completing performance reviews, goal setting, and development planning. He currently resides in Bangalore, India with his spouse and son Sharan.

Acusis Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) team provides a complete outsourced billing service for all specialties.

We are dedicated to providing high quality and productive billing services to reduce coding errors and accounts receivables. Our induction process ensures that our team is highly skilled in compliance and state regulations. We believe that while we have an increased value in patient receivables it allows you to focus on your patient care.


Acusis’ approach to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is full circle which provides the most optimum experience to their clients. Acusis has a tenured team consisting of proven RCM experts and consultants on Billing, Coding, CDI, Risk Adjustment, HCC, Account Receivables & Denials Management.

Conventional approach to RCM focusses on getting the claims submitted soon after the patient encounter and may omit critical steps to avoid possible denials. Claim resubmissions & Account Receivable follow ups are laborious, research oriented and best done by “fresh pair of eyes”. Moreover, in-house RCM teams start experiencing severe staff shortage when they have to respond to government run quality programs, CDI initiatives and audit findings. These instances occur sporadically and need time and additional skillsets. So, unless the RCM team adopts a comprehensive approach, facility runs the risk of leaving substantial revenue on the table. What can facilities do in such a situation? Well, they need quality on-demand staffing from an RCM partner who can be their stand-by team helping them with required resources with the right skills at the right time.

Over the last two decades Acusis has been a partner to many organizations to reclaim their lost revenue and stabilize their bottom-line in a time-bound manner. Maximum revenue and optimum compliance are cornerstones of Acusis’ approach to smart RCM. Right at the start of association, Acusis establishes revenue goals and identifies key areas of improvement and control to be addressed. After mutual agreement, Acusis RCM team works as an extension of facility internal team.

While the revenue goals are being aggressively pursued, compliance areas and quality programs are given equal priority. A dedicated account manager for every facility combined with Acusis’ customer-first attitude and transparent communication keeps key stakeholders informed about progress being made. Acusis has a tenured team consisting of proven RCM experts and consultants on Billing, Coding, CDI, Risk Adjustment, HCC, Account Receivables and Denials Management. Based on your facility’s policy framework & budget, either pick domestic or global team to scale up.

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