Customer Support

Individual account liaison

As an account matures with Acusis, workflow change and opportunities arise. Fax machines may go down, fax numbers change, etc. Each account is assigned a customer service team member as their liaison to know of these changes and prepare for them aptly. This team member responsibly completes regular maintenance on the account and tracks the cases through to resolution. This individual also asks the Net Promoter questions and ensures all open issues are completed for their respective accounts.

Quick response time

Acusis has taken the successful tracking and turnaround time techniques in place for medical documentation and applied them to Customer Service requests. The team adheres to aggressive service level targets, this means you do not wait for a response. We have made a business of completing work within a quick time frame; this is also true within our customer service team. At Acusis, we don’t just listen; we get you quick results.

24/7 Customer support line

Our customer service team is located in the United States, India and Philippines. This ‘around the clock’ coverage ensures no phone queue is left unattended and the team is always available to support you. Our clients are also set up to directly communicate with the transcribers in the production team whenever possible. This direct conduit with the team that works on your documents reduces communication steps, increases quality and lessens the offshore gap experienced with other organizations.

High customer satisfaction

Although the industry measures satisfaction through the KLAS Survey, which we have been successful with, it is only once a year. Every quarter Acusis clients are asked how likely it is that they would recommend our service to a friend of colleague. If a customer answers 9 or 10, they are a promoter of Acusis. If a customer answers below a 6, they are a detractor. Anything in between is considered a passive customer. This is based on a standard quality metric developed by Fred Reichheld called the Net Promoter Score. Quality can be measured by asking a simple loyalty question and following through on improvements suggested by the customer.

Efficient case tracking system

The Acusis customer relationship system is an online tracking program that assigns a case number to every customer interaction. Much like hospitals require medical record numbers, Acusis utilizes case numbers to ensure every request you have is treated with the attention it requires. Since we track the interactions so effectively, you are free to focus on other parts of the business, we provide case reports or conduct case reviews on a regular basis. A problem well defined is half solved, so simplifying the open issues process results in a positive experience for you. This approach works very well for the key reasons:

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