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Documentation Platform

eCareNotes Documentation Platform is a cloud based solution Acusis offers to healthcare organizations of all types. The product helps in capturing, using, maintaining, exchanging and archiving patient encounter documentation. The product can co-exist with any EHR system or work in a standalone mode as well. End users of the solution are Doctors, HIM Professionals, IT Team, Nurses, and Office Assistants. Dictation Capture, Typing and Editing, Speech Recognition, Document Management, Workflow, Document Export are major functional areas of the solution.

Front-end Speech Recognition

eCareNotes Front-End Speech Recognition helps clinicians to create patient encounter documentation through a variety of ways suitable for their current workflow. It’s a cloudbased solution that can coexist with third party systems and EHRs. Point of capture can be from Smartphone, Web Browser or Computer. The platform is supported in both MAC and Windows platforms. There are two key modes in which this is used in the industry – Standalone and EMR Integrated – eCareNotes supports both.

Backend Speech Recognition

This is a cloud-based service offered as an API service. Any third party product or organizations who are currently on traditional dictation-typing workflow model can use this product to reduce their cost, bring down staffing requirements, meet faster turnaround time demands and higher accuracy levels.

Dictation Capture Systems

eCareNotes Dictation Tools gives the ultimate flexibility to clinicians to capture dictations. Dictations can be captured against the appointments pulled from EHRs. Doctors can choose any/all of the capture tools based on convenience such as

  • Traditional Phone System in a Box
  • Toll-Free Mode
  • Smartphone App
  • Desktop/Laptop Computer
  • Digital Recorders.

In traditional telephone dictation system offered as a box or toll-free, Physicians can securely login to the using their PIN number and dictate. In the smartphone app, Physicians can securely login and view appointment and create a dictation based on an appointment. An appointment can be created on the fly as well. The same workflow is available from an installed app or secure web portal which can be launched from the browser. If users dictate into any digital recorder of their choice once the device is connected to a machine where the user has logged in, the device will be automatically recognized, identified with the respective Physician and dictations will be uploaded for transcription or speech recognition.

Transcription Workflow Solution for MTSO

eCareNotes Transcription Workflow Solution has all the tools that a progressive MTSO looks for in keeping their customers happy. The solution is suited for MTSOs who serve large hospitals and health systems as well as small MTSOs with handful of customers. The overall workflow supported for MTSOs is as follows

  • Doctors can use multiple tools to dictate based on their preference - Smartphone, Handheld Recorder, Computer Mic or Telephone
  • Dictations are encrypted and transferred to eCareNotes data center which is Type 2 SSAE 16 certified with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% or above
  • MTSO transcriptionist access the dictations through the state-of-the-art typing platform
  • The typing/editing platform is integrated with Foot Pedal and all necessary tools required by the transcriptionists to complete the document
  • Transcribed reports can be sent to Quality Control team to review the report and finalize
  • Finalized reports are accessible to the doctors and hospital staff through a secure web portal as well as Smartphone app
  • Doctors can review, accept or reject a report
  • The web portal offers a number of useful features including Print, Fax, Export, Download etc
  • Finalized reports are exported to the target EHR system through HL7 (Real-time/Offline)
  • If the MTSO chooses to use Speech Recognition the service can be invoked for any doctor any time

AllScripts EHR Remote App

AllScripts EHR Remote App helps AllScripts users (Doctors) to access appointments and create dictations through a mobile app or a computer installed app. AllScripts has four different EHRs and they offered a dictation button until version 18. The new version does not offer this feature and doctors who are familiar with the dictation workflow need a solution to stay on with it. eCareNotes AllScripts App helps them achieve it. Using the app on SmartPhone or computer they can view their appointments in the AllScripts EHR and complete dictations. If the workflow includes an MTSO, the dictations can be routed to them for typing. It can be subjected to speech recognition as well. Completed reports are synchronized back to AllScripts over HL7 or FHIR.

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