Acusis offers a number of dictation capture solutions for health systems, hospitals, large clinics and Physician practices. Physicians can make use of any method of their convenience to capture dictations and route them to any workflow system of their choice.


  •  Radiology and Pathology workflow integrated dictation solution
  •  AcuMobile – iPhone based dictation capture and report review app
  •  Any voice recorder of your choice which can connect as a USB device. Eg. Philips SpeechMike, Olympus Digital Recorders etc
  •  AcuVoice – Dictate from any standard telephone equipment. Supports cloud and on-premises options
  •  C-Phone dictation stations with or without foot pedals
  •  Integrated dictation from your PACS / RIS
  •  Flexible dictation routing options
  •  Secure web based admin interface
  •  Secure web based audio playback for transcription
  •  100% HIPAA compliant



AcuMobile is an iPhone based dictation capture and report review app for clinicians. It helps them dictate, playback, send for transcription, collect reports and review using this intuitive app. Transcribed reports are available real-time for review and accept/reject operations. It can synchronize patient appointments with any EHR/HIS systems as well.Workflow Workflow

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AcuSpeech is a cloud based front-end voice recognition solution. It helps clinicians create documentation in virtually any software and not just their EHR workstations. There is neither an up-front cost associated with the licenses nor any additional infrastructure required. The solution provides flexibility to send a job optionally to Acusis for editing with the click of a button.Workflow

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AcuVoice is a state-of-the-art telephone dictation system. It helps clinicians dial-in using a secure PIN to record, replay, edit and manage dictations. Using an intuitive web interface, AcuVoice can be customized as per your needs. The solution is offered in a box that can be hosted in your own facility or in the cloud. It can be seamlessly integrated with your Radiology and Pathology workflow.

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