Acusis Physician Productivity solutions are a set of voice recognition tools that simplifies the life of a Physician within the clinical documentation workflow. It is a cloud-based service allowing Physicians to use front-end voice recognition for creating patient notes. It also allows interaction with an EHR using voice inputs. There is no up-front training time required to get started and no installations required. To narrate a patient encounter, simply login to our secure cloud platform.


  •  Simple & Affordable – easy to use and learn, no installations required, no upfront investment
  •  Delivered from the cloud – access over a browser connected to the internet
  •  Affordable subscription pricing - No long-term commitment
  •  Can integrate with any of your tools – desktop, enterprise, web, mobile
  •  Supports 35+ medical specialties, virtually any EHR
  •  Compatibility tested for 43 leading systems

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