Revitalize Your Transcription Service with Advanced Speech Technology

eCareNotes Transcription Platform is the most advanced productivity tool built for speech-enabled transcription workflow. MTSOs uses eCareNotes for optimizing transcription workforce, reduce operational cost and improve quality.

Physician Friendly

  •   Supports advanced speech recognition to legacy dictation options – Physicians have the flexibility to choose dictation tool of their choice

  •   Maximum mobility for Physicians while creating and reviewing notes. Does not force Physicians to stay glued in to the EMR

  •   Supports both Windows and Mac Operating System

Business Friendly

  •   No hidden cost

  •   24x7 Customer Support over phone & email at no additional cost

  •   HIPAA & HITECH Compliant

  •   Periodic improvements for changing business needs

  •   Hosted in a secure Type 2 SSAE 16 certified data center

  •   Guaranteed up-time of above 99.99%

MT Friendly

  •   Helps them reduce errors using built-in tools

  •   Web-based tools, no installation required.

  •   Supports foot-pedal and key configurations

  •   Easy access to reference tools

  •   Automated feedback on productivity and quality performance

Cloud Based. Secure. Cost Effective

Simplify Physician’s Life

Enable your Physicians to experience freedom while delivering quality patient care with state-of-the-art tools carefully designed for them.

eCareNotes Mobile App

Irrespective of EHR system, eCareNotes Mobile App automatically gives seamless access to patient schedules. Simply click on a schedule and dictate. Depending on the preferred workflow, Physicians can edit the report real-time, if needed or leave it for a professional editor and proceed to attend more important tasks. Reports can be reviewed either through the mobile app or computer anytime. Finalized reports are sent back to the EHR through HL-7, FHIR or custom export methods.

  • iPhone and Android versions available
  • Best-in-class speech recognition, no prior experience needed
  • Supports Template Based & Free Text dictation
  • Review & Sign completed reports from App
  • Audio Edit and Playback
  • Use any or all of the tools - Smartphone, Handheld Recorder, Computer Mic or Telephone
  • Access EMR-bound patient schedules from smartphone or create new ones on the fly
  • Use any browser – Chrome, IE, EDGE, Firefox
  • Secure document management – Print, Fax, Email, HL7
  • Audio Edit and Playback

Telephone Dictation

  • Customizable keypad profiles
  • Any telephone including C-Phones for Pathology Workflow
  • Comprehensive dictation capabilities including Record, Insert, Overwrite
  • Recording in µLaw, PCM, and Dialogic ADPCM audio formats
  • Supports advanced DNIS caller identification for providing personalized Physician experience

Digital Recorder

  • Supports all USB storage devices
  • Multiple audio formats – WAV, DSS, MP3, WMA, OGG
  • Option to upload dictations of multiple dictators from single terminal
  • Automatic dictator recognition through the author ID configuration
  • Automatic allocation of TAT, and WORKTYPE for seamless file transfer

Optimize Transcription

Add wings to your workforce with eCareNotes Smart Transcription tools. Do not change the workforce to improve quality and productivity. Simply move them to eCareNotes and

Power Packed Editing Platform

CareNotes has unlimited capabilities ranging from advanced audio improvement programs to tools that prevent errors from creeping in. These are aimed to enable every transcriptinist to produce exceptional quality documentation within optimum time

  • Advanced Audio Improvement and Noise Cancellation programs
  • NLP-based routines for error reduction
  • Web based access for the application from Chrome, IE, EDGE and Firefox
  • Intuitive search for looking up Attending, Referring and CC Physicians
  • Configurable workflow options
  • Creation of addendum documents
  • Demographic search integration
  • Support for Normal/Auto text
  • Provision for handling multi-reports (Multi-Transcript)
  • Final document preview
  • Capability to change dictating doctor and clinic
  • Draft Speech Report Editing
  • Supports USB foot pedals
  • Hot keys can be configured to insert predefined texts while transcribing
  • Alerts the transcriptionist about the TAT left
  • Configurable Demographic window in the editor
  • Easy switching between DMG and editor window
  • Audio bookmarking capability
  • Audio volume and speed control
  • Real-time access to line count and quality details

Easily Configurable Workflow

  • Work-pool based job management
  • Complete end-to-end TAT management tools
  • Multi-level transcription processing workflow
  • Rule based work-pool assignment for each jobs
  • Provision to manual assignment of jobs into work-pool
  • Online tracking of jobs from eCareNotes portal

Extensive Reporting & Tracking

  • Real-time and offline reports
  • Extensive dashboards for easy tracking
  • Monthly Turnaround Reports
  • Daily Overdue Reports
  • Reports by Work type – Monthly
  • Volume Reports – Monthly
  • Results of Quality Audits – Monthly
  • Customized reports using report builder

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