Monday, March 24, 2014

Acusis® Achieves Top 3 Ranking in KLAS Survey among Transcription Providers

Acusis® today announced that they have achieved a top 3 ranking among medical transcription providers in a recent KLAS survey. Since 2006, Acusis® has enjoyed the best average KLAS score among transcription providers.

Acusis® , an industry leader in medical transcription services, is proud to announce that they have achieved a top-tier ranking in KLAS for transcription services in 2013.

“We are proud to once again be recognized among the leaders in our field,” said K.B. Anand, CEO of Acusis® . “We put in a lot of hard work in 2013 and I am amazed at the effort and dedication displayed by our team. I am especially proud of the great work they do.”

In the 2013 KLAS survey, providers were asked to rate their medical transcription service provider in 3 primary categories: Turnaround Time, Report Quality and Account Management in which Acusis® consistently scores above average in all three categories.

“Our services allow medical professionals to focus on patient care instead of documentation. Ultimately, Acusis® helps our customers achieve their own personal goals of focusing on the patient and not the paperwork. I think our ranking in the top 10 of KLAS reflects our dedication to that goal,” said Anand.

Of the top 10 medical transcription companies surveyed by KLAS, Acusis® enjoys the highest six-report score, with an average of 83.4%. In 2010, Acusis® was able to increase their score by more than 5 points from 2009 (83.1% in 2009, 88.8% in 2010), and moved up three spots in the rankings.

“Improvements like these have really helped our stability as a company,” said Anand. “When you have great service and a product that clients really need, it is a lot easier to meet financial goals. This business can be really tough, and has seen a lot of companies fade away. We are dedicated to maintaining the high level of service that we provide. It’s where our stability comes from, and it’s why we are one of the leaders in our field.”

“We ranked third overall this year, but we want to get better,” said Anand. “Using KLAS as a benchmark, we also take it upon ourselves to constantly reach out to our clients measuring and evaluating our own performance. This is an added value to our clients ensuring we are addressing their needs and challenges to the best of our ability, being proactive so our services are never sacrificed. We strive to get better every year.”



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