Tuesday, October 02, 2018

eCareNotes Mobile now enables Physicians to manage end-to-end report management from their SmartPhone

Pittsburgh, PA – 02, October 2018 – Acusis LLC, a Pittsburgh, PA-based provider of cloud-based speech recognition and workflow productivity tools for Physicians, is pleased to announce general availability of its upgraded eCareNotes Mobile solution platform with the addition of end-to-end report management capabilities in its SmartPhone solution.

“Continuing with our long-standing commitment to make Physician’s life easier, we today offer end-to-end report management capabilities from within the eCareNotes mobile app” said KB Anand, CEO of Acusis. With this new addition, Physicians do not have to go back to their work-station for making changes in the report or signing it. “End-to-end documentation workflow can be completed using SmartPhone”, he added.

eCareNotes Mobile is available in iPhone and Android platforms. Released initially in 2015, the platform offers state-of-the-art speech recognition and documentation management capabilities to Physicians. eCareNotes Mobile is the Physician’s window to the eCareNotes Documentation Platform, which is a cloud based solution Acusis offers to healthcare organizations of all types. The product helps in capturing, using, maintaining, exchanging and archiving patient encounter documentation. The product can co-exist with any EHR system or work in a standalone mode as well. End users of the solution are Doctors, HIM Professionals, IT Team, Nurses, and Office Assistants. Dictation Capture, Typing and Editing, Speech Recognition, Document Management, Workflow, Document Export are major functional areas of the solution.

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