Acusis RCM services team includes a specialized group of expert auditors to handpick gaps and errors that creep into your coding process. Our coding review and audit processes are designed to identify deficiencies that may adversely affect the revenue of your facility. Our RCM team can develop customized educational programs based on the audit results and help your facility implement them among the various stakeholders to meet the financial and compliance objectives.

Identify use of outdated or incorrect codes: Thorough coding review to not only identify the usage of incorrect/outdated codes but also unearth gaps in provider documentation.

Fix incorrect problem areas: Coding incorrect problem areas can result in insurance companies objecting to the coded report. Our coding audits can help you identify and fix this before submission.

Offline and Concurrent Audits: We are fully equipped to join your team with an offline or concurrent audit program that best suits your needs.

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually: Depending on your operational needs and problem severity, our team can perform reviews and audits at different intervals.


"I just wanted to let you all know the new contract coders (Acusis) are fantastic! If there is a DRG mismatch they write in the comments how they came to their determination often citing coding clinics. They have not missed any cc/mcc’s either. Just wanted to give some positive feedback."

Lynn J. Averett RN CDI

The Carney Hospital

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