AcuSmartT is Acusis solution for HCC Coding. Our RCM Team created AcuSmartT coding by combining decades of experience in solving industry’s RCM challenges with unique and proven processes.

Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is moving aggressively to shift healthcare payments from the traditional volume-based fee-for-service model towards value-based payment model, also called value-based reimbursement (VBR). This shift is focused on reducing the cost of healthcare in the country while also giving incentives to healthcare providers to improve their quality of care. This model requires a risk-adjustment methodology, so that payment can be adjusted based on the seriousness of illness of each patient.

Capitated payment is used by Medicare Advantage and several commercial payers as a means to control cost and shift risk to providers. Capitated payments encourage better care coordination by paying one risk-adjusted sum to a health system to provide all the care and services that a patient requires for the year.

What AcuSmartT Coding Can Do For You?

AcuSmartT coding captures HCC codes and RAF scores, which enables you to negotiate better reimbursement on your Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare is anticipating that by 2020, approximately 75% to 80% of its plans will be based on value-based payment models. Currently most hospitals treat patients without knowing their risk score which is a lapse. You can also take advantage of reimbursement that is due to your facility by using AcuSmartT coding. It not only helps you capture the risk of your current Medicare Advantage Plans and several other commercial payers’ plans but also prepare you as more Medicare plans move to this model.

Getting Started With AcuSmartT Coding

At no cost to you, Acusis offers to complete detailed analysis of 10 patients from your Medicare plan to demonstrate AcuSmartT coding usefulness. It will help you realize what additional reimbursements Acusis can bring to your facility by embracing this shift to value-based reimbursement (VBR).

AcuSmartT, while moving you to the risk adjustment model, can continue coding as per fee for service model, thus get you ready for higher reimbursement in the coming year. This is a 2-in-1 process of fee-for-service and value-based payment model to enhance the coding quality and efficiency at your facility.

AcuSmartT coding is designed to handle your current coding needs while preparing you for the future in healthcare reimbursement.

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