In addition to our revenue cycle management offerings we also offer Tumor Registry services by certified tumor registrars. These services are designed to assist you in ensuring your reporting is completed timely and with outstanding quality. We have the capability to assist your current registrars in completing the reporting or handle all of your reporting on your behalf.

What Acusis Tumor Registry Services Can Do For You?

  •   Our Certified Tumor Registrar contributes to the operation of the registry, and views the registry as part of an overall cancer program
  •   Establish and maintain the efficient operation of the cancer registry
  •   Retrieve and analyse registry data and disseminate this data in accordance with professional ethics
  •   Examine medical and pathology records to determine patient eligibility for the cancer registry
  •   To make abstracts of medical records by translating the medical terminology into standardized codes that record the patient's diagnosis and treatment information
  •   Complete follow up on registry patients to track progress, protecting patient information and assist with special projects
  •   When required, we participate in cancer conferences under the direction of your facility
  •   Work in collaboration with your Director and/or Program Coordinator to prepare the Survey Application Report
  •   Perform statistical analysis on registry data and present reports utilizing the Cancer Registry System
  •   Perform internal Quality Assurance of registry data
  •   We also have experienced registrars who can use your hospitals abstracting Software and EMR
  •   We offer a single point of contact dedicated to you to provide daily communication and ensure assigned tasks get completed on time
  •   Our approach to Tumor Registry Support is a partnership model. We do not take the client/vendor approach. We get integrated with your organization and become an extension of your current team as we work alongside to meet your organizational goals and standards

Getting Started With Acusis Tumor Registry Services

We would like to partner with you to ensure all your Tumor Registry needs are met with complete and accurate reporting. We would like to for all of your Tumor Registry needs. Please see our implementation process below.

Acusis Implementation & Project Management

At Acusis, we aim to make business transitions smooth and seamless. We want any new business account we implement to be a planned and predictable process for you.

We deploy a robust set of people and processes with a single point of contact for you with total accountability through our experienced implementation team headed by a coding director. All of these are tried and tested and retained only because they work for you and for us too.

Our implementation team works to manage your account and deliver all expected results especially through the first critical 30-60 days. We understand that the first couple of weeks in any transition can be the most painful and nightmarish if not managed and measured in conjunction with consistent communication.

  •   Proven Transition methodology from “kick off” to “pilot” to full-fledged production “full ramp”
  •   Performance metrics in synch with client service level agreements
  •   US based single point of contact throughout contract period
  •    Systematic and staged implementation process where in client has control in every stage

Our Tumor Registry services are designed to add value and enhance the reporting and quality at your facility. We offer competitive hourly rates for our Tumor Registry services.

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